"IMPACT," this is the best way to describe what he is doing. Look at it however you like, as an ROI, VALUE ADDED, or continuing education...you must utilize his services if you want to make more money. It's that simple!!!" "Thank You Jacob, for you are a game changer." ."

–Doug Humphrey, Construction Solutions Inc.

"It was apparent that Jacob has extensive roofing experience and can effectively coach companies on how to increase ROI in roofing sales. I recommend Jacob and his services as it pays for itself on the first sale.”

-Jason Bailey, DFW IMPROVED

“Jacob did an excellent job! I've been in the business for a year and a half...but the second day, I had heard some things I've NEVER heard before. Well worth the money!”

-Cressen Benson, Superior One Roofing

“Jacob's class was an eye opener for me. I would recommend anyone in the roofing business take this course.”

-Allen Branam, Above All Roofing

“Jacob more than exceeded my expectations, was a pleasure to work with and will recommend him to friends and colleges”

-Ricky Bryant, Roof Masters of Denton

“Was a great class, worth every penny...will learn a ton.”

-Charles Bennett, Pro Builders

“Time well spent. Highly recommended for the new roofing sales person. Thanks Jacob!”

-Ches Bostick, Swan Roofing

“He has a genuine concern for people and is a great contractor”

-Jason Ivey, Metroplex Roof and Fence

“Jacob was very informative in the class and had a lot of information for 2 days of class."

-Debbie Puig, Metroplex Roof and Fence

“I really enjoyed Jacob's seminar. I learned 10 to 20 things that I can start doing tomorrow to vastly improvement my business."

-Mike Steed, All About Roofing

“I am new to this industry with little to no experience, I have learned a lot of material from Jacob's presentation, the information was delivered in a clear way and it was easy to understand.”

-Nelson Ventura, Baires Roofing

“Jacob, great job in class...enjoyed the professionalism and energy. You have inspired me to be better which will make my sales team and ultimately my company better."

-Jody Waggoner, President of ACME ROOF SYSTEMS Inc.

“Jacob was very detailed in his Elite Consulting Class, I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to enter the roofing business, or someone wanting to freshen up their game.”

-Jeremy Dick, Regional Project Coordinator at Earnhardt Restoration & Roofing

“Demonstrates a consistent and scalable process.”

-Billy McCord, Energy Roofing Inc.

“Jacob's class has changed my outlook on my trade. I've only been in the general contracting business for 2 months, but I feel he has allowed me to be competitive in this large market. Without this training course...and I think without his ideas, I'd be dead in the water for a long time.”

-Justin Simms, Energy Roofing Inc.

“Thanks Jacob for an interesting and info filled 2 days!”

-Troy Ballinger, TriStar Quality Roofing, LLC

“I just recently hired Jacob to teach & educate me on the Insurance Restoration Business. Having zero experience I am still able to walk away from the 2 days course with the knowledge needed to pursue a prosperous career in this field. I've already had job offers from seasoned contractors just by being here. Thank you Jacob & staff."

-Dave Bohringer, Independent

“I use techniques everyday that I picked up in a class Jacob taught near Dallas...Jacob takes the time to make sure nobody in his class is 'left behind.' I'm really glad I had the opportunity to go learn from him.”

-John Stewart, Superior Roofing & Gutters

“Jacob is very knowledgeable. I've been in the roofing/restoration business for a number of years and was able to take away many new ideas and techniques. I would recommend his training to new sales professionals as well as seasoned veterans.”

-Rob Nelson, Sales at Town & Country Roofing

“He is always on time and very motivating. Enjoyed the class”

-Donnie Finchum, Insurance Claims at Metroplex Roof and Fence

“I utilized Elite Consulting along with one of my salespeople. Jacob was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend his training to any company that is considering hiring new sales people..it is a very insightful presentation. I have been in the business for 10 years and even I learned something from it.”

-Keith Carpenter, Owner at Panther City Roofing

“I feel this course is great for new to seasoned salesmen...it filled in the gaps to many of my questions. With just two things I learned I will increase my income. I highly recommend this course.”

-Joe Cavazos, Project Manager at Pro Builders

“Awesome class, thank you for everything I will be sending more sales team members to your next class..Thank you!"

-Chuck Fairchild, Licensed Adjuster at Metroplex Roof and Fence

“The class was awesome...look forward to using the things I've learned in the real world.”

-Keith Eribarne, Metroplex Roof and Fence

“Jacob is so passionate about helping contractors and it shows! The course was incredibly helpful and loaded with tons of information our company will definitely be utilizing on a day to day basis. Not only was it great for our company salesman but the class has personally helped me a better salesmen and a better person! Thanks, Jacob and Elite Consulting Pro!!”

-Mike Newby, Jon Wright Roofing

“I recommend Jacob because he delivered all that he promised. The result? I've learned more in a few hours, what I needed know for many years.”

-Luiz Guerra, Eastern Exteriors LLC

“Jacob, is very knowledgeable in working with homeowners & insurance companies in filing storm damage claims. He is very detailed and has some great information.”

-Jorge Abreau, JNT Developers



Advanced O&P/Maximized Claims Workshop-Course Outline

 I. Overhead & Profit

Elite Consulting Pro has a 95% success rate obtaining O&P on jobs, regardless of trades.  There is no silver bullet, but there is a detailed process for billing O&P and receiving O&P consistently.  What changes could you make in your current business if you were getting O&P on the majority of your restoration jobs? Jacob will be taking you through Elite’s proven, step by step process on O&P.  This is our most advanced O&P training to date!  You will be provided with Elite’s catalog of documents, pre-loaded on a USB, detailing Elite’s step by step system on GC Overhead & Profit.  Contractors who’ve attended our workshops are now getting O&P much more consistently, and even on one trade claims.

II. Maximized Claims Workshop

  • Increased Claim Revenues Utilizing Xactimate to Your Advantage
  • Doubling the Value of Hail & Wind Claims
  • Insider Trade Secrets that the Insurance Industry Does Not Want You to Know.
  • Top 10 Undervalued Items in An Insurance Adjuster’s Estimate
  • Top 10 Xactimate Tips to Quickly Maximize the Claim
  • Accurately Detailing Xactimate Scope: Trade Secrets from a Licensed Public Adjuster
  • Properly Formatting Xactimate Reports, Ensuring All Items are Paid Completely
    • A) Aggressively Honest: Know What to Include & How to Professionally Justify Line Items
    • B) Photo Documentation Tips
    • C) Top 10 Rules for Photo Documentation Reports
    • D) Xactimate Format : 1) Summary Report 2) Photo Report 3) Supporting Docs
    • E) Hail/Wind: What a Detailed, Professional Xactimate Report Should Look Like
  • Custom Bids vs Xactimate Pricing (30-50% Revenue Increase/claim)
  • Xactimate Templates Custom Made, Just Plug & Play (create Xactimates in 1/10th the time)
  • Take Home Elite’s Xactimate Templates and Maximize Your Claim Value


Other Questions That Will Be Answered:

  • Why the Excuse “Will the Homeowner Use My Estimate & Not Hire Me” Is not Valid?
  • How Do I Make the Insurance Company Pay with My Xactimate Report?
  • What Course of Action Do I Take Once My Xactimate Estimates Are Complete?
  • Who Should Be Creating Xactimate Reports for My Company?
  • How can I Increase Claim Revenue with Specialized Technology?



Jacob Krahl, Managing Director of Elite Consulting Pro


Jacob is an experienced motivational speaker, sales trainer and business coach to the storm restoration industry. His wealth of knowledge stems from over fifteen years experience selling, managing and operating successful storm restoration businesses across the US.  Jacob has professionally trained well over 1,000 Storm Restoration Contractors, spanning 32 states, since launching Elite in December 2011.  His clients include the highest performing, highest grossing contractors working in our industry.  His industry specific trainings revolve around the highly specialized knowledge he’s garnered throughout the years. Jacob is well known for his personable approach while effectively guiding his contractors with the profitable strategies necessary to achieve lasting success. Jacob will be conducting the Advanced O&P portion of the training.





Lindsey Douglass, President of the Disaster Advocates


Lindsey’s area of expertise lies in professionally defining wind/hail damage including analysis, investigation, and estimating. She is one of the foremost experts in our industry adjusting properties affected by storm related loss.  She is a licensed Public Adjuster, expert in thermography, insurance claims appraisal, litigation support, and content inventory, including business income loss claims.

This will be Lindsey’s 5th time presenting/training at an Elite Event. She will be professionally training on the specialized knowledge she relies on when maximizing insurance restoration claims. Lindsey will take you through her detailed claims process…including documentation, supplementation, & utilizing Xactimate templates to efficiently maximize claim revenues.  She will also be presenting on GC Overhead & Profit from a P.A.’s perspective.  Contractors who implement Lindsey’s methods and process can expect to drastically increase their claims revenues immediately.