July 9, 2015
NRH Centre, North Richland Hills, TX


The Sales Success Intensive one-day training programs have been used to train more than 2 million sales professionals in over 65 countries worldwide, including many fortune 500 companies such as Fedex, Metlife, and Wells Fargo.

The SSI comprehensive training is designed for sales teams of any size as an intensive, one-day thorough training on the seven key areas essential for sales success. In this training you’ll learn how to multiply your sales skills to improve performance and double your sales results, identify your best market opportunities and focus your efforts on closing them. Remember, all sales skills are learnable – it’s just a matter of having the right training.

This Sales Success Intensive 1 training program is comprised of 7 modules:

Prospecting Power: Focus and identify the best prospects for your products and services while lowering buyer resistance
Relationship Selling: The importance, key facts, and important rules of building relationships in selling
Identifying Needs Accurately: Uncover true needs or problems of the prospect to identify selling opportunities
Making Persuasive Presentations: Be able to persuade a qualified prospect to take action every time
Overcoming Objections: Be able to handle questions and concerns to effectively overcome any objection
Closing the Sale: Get your prospect to make a firm buying decision with key closing ideas practiced by top moneymakers
Getting Resales and Referrals: Build and retain customers for life and achieve long term business success

During this hands-on, face-to-face SSI 1 training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your best market opportunities and target better prospects

  • Attract more prospects and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads

  • Set more and better appointments

  • Quickly identify needs and “hot buttons” accurately

  • Create and deliver powerful, persuasive presentations

  • Leverage effective strategies to answer and overcome objections

  • Influence the buying decision and reduce buyer hesitation

  • Build trustworthy, long-term relationships with clients

  • Utilize multiple closing techniques to close the sale every time

  • Get consistent resales and referrals

  • Double your closing rate and increase profits

    The Sales Success Intensive 1 training program is
    backed by a complete 100% money back guarantee.
    If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied
    with this one-day training program, let us know and
    we will promptly process you a refund.

    For more Information, please contact:
    April Krahl

During the 12-week Sales Success Track, you can expect to receive a TON of high value content on selling,
wealth, and success including: articles, training videos, PDF reports, gifts, and endless sales success tips.

The priceless information, strategies, and techniques that you’ll be receiving are based on over 30 years of
Brian Tracy’s research, knowledge, and experience in sales and consulting for over 1,000 companies and 5
million people in over 80 countries worldwide.

In this Sales Success Track, you’ll learn:

  • The number one reason for lack of success as a salesperson

  • How to find your area of uniqueness within the industry of their choosing

  • The Iron Law of Success—and how you can use it to become more successful

  • How to create a long term vision and goal for yourself in the areas of professional and personal growth

As you continue through your training, you will also learn:

  • The ONE skill set that the very best persuaders, communicators, and salespeople have and excel in—and tips for mastering it so you close more sales, more often

  • Specific questions you can ask your prospects to widen the gap between where they are now and where they’ll be once they get their hands on your product or service

  • How to use the theories behind great selling to improve the quality of your entire life

  • And so much more!

Continuous learning has a direct impact on your sales success, and this 12-week Sales Success Track is designed to propel you further toward your goals and achieving the level of success you have always desired.